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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Hi, and welcome to my blog. My name is Phil Roper and this is my first of many blog posts where I hope to inspire you to come check out my part of the world!

I'm 29 years old, married to an AMAZING woman, we have 3 boys (from our previous marriages) aged 6, 6, and 7.

I've lived on the coast almost all of the 29 years I've been alive, and am the 4th generation to live in Greymouth on the West Coast of New Zealand after my great great grandfather who moved here on horse and cart in 1917.

I am currently the operations manager for On Yer Bike Adventures (owned by my father) and founder of Adventure West.

What I Love

My hobbies include running, playing guitar, adventuring with the family, gaming and designing websites. In my spare time I also enjoy renovating the family home, and working on some of my other projects/businesses. I currently own 4 houses, 3 of which I rent.

I am the worship leader in my local church, and have a passionate love for Jesus after he radically changed my life in 2016!

I have a lot of other passions but one of them that is close to my heart is the region I live in - The West Coast of New Zealand!

Why I Want to Start Blogging

By writing these blogs I'm hoping you'll follow me on this journey while I uncover some of the hidden gems on the West Coast worth experiencing, and tell you a bit about my own story in the process.

I think the West Coast is one of the most underrated places on Earth, so I'm on a mission to give this region the glory it deserves my showcasing some of the most spectacular sights and experiences that can be found around here.

So to kick off my blog I though I'd tell you about my most rent adventure.

Experiencing Hokitika's Must See Attraction

So after waking up Saturday morning, I thought I'd give my friend Vonnie from Treetop Walkways Hokitika a call, she was happy for me to come visit with my family to experience this amazing walk. Like myself, Vonnie has an incredible heart and passion for the West Coast!

My Amazing Wife!

After being greeted at the reception we were sent on our way, it took us around 5-10 minutes walk to reach the temperate lowland rain-forest surrounded by giant Podocarp trees.

The walkway itself is very sturdy, and wide enough for wheelchair access. Being suspended above ground gives you access to some stunning views so make sure you bring a camera!

It took us around an hour to complete the walk, climb up the tower and get some great shots. Our son Otavio was entertained throughout the entire walk with a map given to us at reception which marks out some stopping points along way, with some information about some of the plant and tree life in the area.

After we finished the walk I bought a homemade sausage roll from the Cafe on site which was AMAZING. They also do full meals which I must come and try next time I visit.

My Dedication to You

While I'd never really imagined myself blogging about anything, I have a real desire for people to know about the amazing things to do and see in this amazing heartland.

Almost every week I go somewhere interesting with the family, however I've never shared these places with anybody. As of this week I want to make a commitment to show you a new West Coast destination or experience at least once a month revealing some of the hidden gems here.

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to know more about in the West Coast PLEASE leave them in the comments, I promise to check them all.

So come on a journey with me, and let's explore this Untamed Natural Wilderness together!

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