Exploring One of the World's Best Short Walks

Saturday morning was meant to be my run day…

I'd gotten up early, made myself some oats for breakfast, and prepared myself to smash out a 41km run. Up the Omoto road, around the twelve apostles mountain range, returning home to Dobson via the Taylorville route. That was the plan.

However, shortly after breakfast my left foot started THROBBING. It had swelled up overnight and was now red, and sore to walk on. Giving up on that plan I went back to bed.

A few hours later, my wife and I decided to take our three boys off on a FAMILY ADVENTURE. Choosing to go for a drive to Punakaiki, we rallied up the troops and took off up the COAST ROAD.

Best Scenic Drive in New Zealand

The West Coast road is AMAZING! It’s not surprising it’s rated one of the Top 10 Scenic Coastal Drives in the world (by Lonely Planet). I make an effort to come up here whenever I can.

It never gets old embracing the tight turns, taking in the sights, while enjoying the company of some AWESOME PEOPLE!

Not far from Punakaiki, (about 2-3 minutes north) is the Truman Track. Being only a 15-minute walk, we decided to take the kids there for a wee explore.

The time of day was just perfect for venturing through here. It was ABSOLUTE BLISS strolling through this spectacular track; dazzled by natures beauty of sunlight penetrating through the leaves putting on a light show for us, we took our time enjoying the walk, and taking in the scenery.

After a few minutes walking (more like limping actually because of my foot) the track breaks into a more exposed area where the sea and limestone formations are visible.

Stunning Viewing Platform

A little further we reached the viewing platform. The platform has plenty of safety railing around it, giving you a bit more security if you plan on bringing kids. Sara and I stayed there a while watching the waves crashing against the rocks, taking some stunning photos, and admiring the distant rock islands.

The shore is just amazing; it’s cover in multi-coloured pebbles like the ones you get for your fish tank. Quartz, jasper, green stone and many other kinds of stones can be found on shore. When we got closer to the limestone we could also see all sorts of FOSSILS through them!

Get Up Close to the Waterfall

Above the overhanging cliffs runs a beautiful WATERFALL. The kids had a lot of fun dodging the water, getting up close, while trying not to get soaked.

Carrying on a little further we wondered around the limestone rocks and inside the SEA CAVES, where the kids also enjoyed playing and exploring.

Inside the Sea Caves

Taken by the Tide

On the way back the tide rapidly rose, and while Otavio was casually sitting on a rock on the shore, a wave crashed over him which DRENCHED him from head to toe! He was a bit upset, but he dried out pretty quickly in the sun.

Feeding the fish at the Punakaiki Tavern

Great Place to Stop for a Feed

On the way home, we stopped in at the Punakaiki Tavern where we said gidday to Jeff at the bar. Jeff gave the kids some food to feed the GIANT GOLDFISH there – they loved it!

We had a fantastic feed of steak and fish burgers. While waiting on our order, we were given a pager that kinda looks like a landmine, you know, the one that beeps when your food’s ready. The kids believed it was a BOMB, so we warned them that if it started beeping or vibrating, to run for their lives!

It's a Bomb!

A few minutes later it went off, and they LEAPT out of their seats and ran! I’d never seen them move so quickly!

Sara and I were almost IN TEARS. 😂

After lunch, we cruised back home back along the Coast road talking about where to go for our next amazing adventure.

If you'd like to make an adventure like this own your own, I've put together some incredible MULTI-DAY PACKAGES that explore this region, and other parts of the West Coast of New Zealand. Just click > HERE < to check them out!

Also, if you like these posts, or you have a destination you'll like to see us explore, please, leave a comment where you'd like us to go.

Off to Hospital!

Oh, and if you were wondering about my foot, it ended up being a trip to A & E the next day where they administered IV antibiotics. It may and been a spider bite, I don’t know, but I'm sure I’ll be back up and running in the next few days once the swelling goes down.

Until next time...


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