Terms and Conditions
1. Definitions

“Booking” or “Bookings” means the reservation or reservations and subsequent amendments, if any, made by West Coast Adventures on behalf of its Customer or Customers.

“Customer” means the person or entity making Bookings through West Coast Adventures website for the Tour Operator.

“Tour Operator” means the person or entity accepting a Booking or Bookings from West Coast Adventures or any person acting with authority on behalf of the Tour Operator.

"Adventure Package" - Refers to the total collection of Bookings made by the Customer through West Coast Adventures.

2. Payment

(a) Once you have selected your Adventure Package and clicked 'Pay', the full amount owing will be charged to the supplied credit card number in New Zealand dollars. A staff member at West Coast Adventures will then confirm availability with the Tour Operators, construct your Adventure Package, and email you a confirmed itinerary with the dates, times and reference numbers for you to show the Tour Operator. Please contact us straight away during our office hours of 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday if there is anything incorrect with your itinerary.

(b) Please print this itinerary to show the Tour Operator as proof of payment. Failure to do so may result in your booking being unaccepted the by Tour Operator.

(c) If payment has not been received by West Coast Adventures by it's due date, West Coast Adventures reserves the right to cancel or not confirm the Booking.

3. Your Itinerary


(a) Once you receive your itinerary by email please print it and keep it on your for the duration of the Adventure Package.

(b) Please reconfirm with the Tour Operator through the contact information on your itinerary, the day before your booking commences to check that there are no issues which may effect the Booking.

4. Amendments & Cancellations

(a) Should the Customer wish to make amendments to their bookings after payment. West Coast Adventures cannot guarantee that they can all be made. However, West Coast Adventures will make every reasonable effort to meet the Customers request where possible.


(b) Amendments made to any Bookings may incur extra charges, these charges are based on the price difference of the  Bookings or upgrade cost, and is subject to the Tour Operators pricing.

(c) If a booking is cancelled by the Tour Operator and you are unable to reschedule, you can contact us for a refund. Please explain the reason for the refund and the person you spoke to, and if possible your Booking reference number. We will then credit your card the refund amount and email you with confirmation.


(d) Cancellations must be made by the Customer to West Coast Adventures via email or phone.


(e) Cancellations charges are based of the amount of notice given by the Customer to West Coast Adventures before the commencement of their earliest Booking.

(i)   25% of the Booking Price where notice is given up to 22 days prior to commencement of the earliest Booking;

(ii)  50% of the Booking Price where notice is given between 21-15 days prior to commencement of the earliest Booking;

(iii) 75% of the Booking Price where notice is given less than 14 days prior to commencement of the earliest Booking.

(iv) 100% of the Booking Price where notice is given less than 7 days prior to commencement of the earliest Booking.

(f) The Tour Operator reserves the right to cancel any service as a result of weather conditions, insufficient numbers or any other unforeseen event or circumstances. In this instance, you can choose to reschedule or request a refund from West Coast Adventures.


5. Flexi Upgrade

(a) Changes or Cancellations to Bookings made with a Flexi Upgrade can be made no less than 5 days prior to the commencement of the earliest Booking. As long as you contact us either by phone or email within this time, we can issue you a full refund for any reason.

(b) The Flexi Upgrade is non refundable

6. Liability


(a) West Coast Adventures. and/or the operator accept no responsibility for any loss or additional expenses arising from changes, delays or cancellations of the services and activities by the operator.

(b) This itinerary is based on fares and tariffs which are, to the best of West Coast Adventures knowledge, correct at the time of issue. Any increases since the date of issue are at the cost of the Customer payable to the Tour Operator.

(c) We advise that all activities do carry a degree of risk and that by participating in the activity provided by the operator you are expressly assuming those risks personally and are releasing the operator and West Coast Adventures. from any liability, claims, losses, damages or expenses.

7. Suitability

(a) The Customer must satisfy itself that the Bookings are suitable.

(b) The Customer warrants that he/she suffers from no medical conditions which would render the Bookings unsuitable for the Customer. All relevant medical conditions must be advised to West Coast Adventures prior to Bookings being made to ensure that the Customer will be able to partake in the Bookings.

(c) The Customer accepts all risk and responsibility for consequences arising from the Bookings.

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